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Simple ideal Absolute insistence
Baoyo: The expert of preserved white gourd drink

Cooperation and Learning
Cooperate with customers according to their demands, special needs, and product planning.
Insist on the highest quality as the indictor to engage in OEM production.
With modesty, we learn to become perfect. We keep making progress for further innovations.
Treat every customer with sincerity to provide quality and satisfactory services.
We invite you all to stand on the international arena of preserved white gourd drink.

Baoyo food: The most considerate
Quality Assurance
Baoyo Food insists on using the best and freshest ingredients of Taiwan. Our production process complies with international standards ISO22000 and HACCP. All our product series have passed the SGS testing, with a guarantee of no pesticide residual, no heavy metal residual, and micro-biologically safe. This makes Baoyo a trustworthy collaborative partner of manufacturers and quality products manufacturers for consumers. 
Company History
-2008 Established the food processing factory to “professionally produce” the featured tea of Taiwan- Preserved white gourd drink
-2103 The international food safety and hygiene management system ISO22000 and HACCP were introduced
-2014 Passed the international food safety and hygiene certifications ISO22000 and HACCP
-2018 A whole new factory was launched into operation. Registration number:07002522 – Customized production to provide various options, proportions, and specifications
-2018 The organic agricultural products and organic agro-processing products certification